TAKK Static Control Solutions

In the presence of static electricity, materials may stick or repel each other, dust or contaminates may be attracted to equipment surfaces and products causing production to be interrupted, production speeds slowed, product quality decreased, more rejects occur, and personnel may experience electrostatic shock.

TAKK Industries offers various types of anti static products to neutralize the static electricity present on production equipment or product, eliminating costly production problems in Converting, Packaging, Printing, Plastics, Electronics, Textiles and General Manufacturing.


Current Static Control Product Specials:

Model 5740 Static Meter allows you to locate, analyze and solve costly static problems. Save $50 on the 5740 Static Meter.

Ion-Edge Model 400T Static Eliminator Bar is a compact high performance ionizer effective 7" or more from target surface. Save 10% on the Ion-Edge Ionizer Bar.

Anti-Static Tinsel has proven to be the most effective low cost passive static eliminator. Save 15% on Anti-Static Copper Tinsel.

Model 5860 In-line Ionizer as an ionized air rinser is an efficient and cost effective means of cleaning and eliminating bottle contamination. Save 10% on a complete In-line system.

Static Generators and Charging Bars provide a clean, simple, effective means of temporary adhesion or bonding. Save 10% on generators and charging bars.


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For more information on TAKK Static Control products, visit www.takk.com.


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